Why Jepeddo?  It all started with a Form.

My work career began in 1984 with a up-and-comer in the IT industry named Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).  These were exciting times for a young MIS (business meets computer science) grad.

My very first morning I bumped into the HR Manager in the stairwell.  Dave (Thomas; RIP) was a kind, well informed DEC veteran.  Dave showed me to my new desk, gave me a pile of forms to fill out and pointed to a HUGE three ring binder called the Employee Handbook.  I came up for air with writer’s cramp at about 2:00 pm.

Being a young keener, I started reading the Employee Handbook on the bus ride home.  I was struck by the section titled “Employee Car Plan” whereby the company would buy me a brand new car of my choosing and lease it back to me.  How beep-ing cool is that?  Just fill out ‘Form X’ and send it to head office.

The next morning, I visited the ‘forms library’ looking form ‘Form X’ but turns out the Employee Handbook was out of date.  Couldn’t find ‘Form X’.  Arghhh.  Went to Dave who didn’t know the answer.   Dave got one of his staff to do some research and make a few calls.  Sometime that week I arrived at my desk to find ‘Form Y’.

‘Form Y’ was a beast.  I loathe filling out forms!   Forms, by design, are intended to remove all human creativity, waste time, make somebody else’s job easier, add undue cost to a business process, and leave me hanging.

• You know who I am, correct?

• You know my address.

• You know who I’m related to.

• You know how much I make.

• I already passed the background and credit check.

• I get that you need the VIN number and the dealership to cut the cheque to.

• Yes, I’ve got the make, model and VIN number.

• Do you really need to know the engine size and displacement?

• No, I don’t know the code for the trim level?

Why all the paperwork?  Why can’t I visit the Corporate Concierge who quickly gets my intent and simply delivers the service I need?

Story ends well, BTW.