RPA Services

While building Jeeo, the development team at Jepeddo have learned a thing or two about building Chat Bots. No, it’s not really that challenging for a skilled, professional software development team to learn a new technology. But with any new technology, mastery takes research and practice, along with some trial and error.

Are you under pressure to deliver better customer service at a lower cost? Do you have a purpose-built Chat Bot that you would like built for your organization? Is speed-to-market a key driver? Don’t reinvent the wheel. We’ve made the investments.

Call us for a quote. We’ll build your custom Chat Bot, train it, and even support it.

Jepeddo’s Workshop Methodology

  1. Service Discovery Workshop
  2. Process Modelling
  3. Conversation Design Workshop
  4. Dashboard Design Workshop
  5. Hit the Workbench
  6. Training Workshop
  7. Serve
  8. Measure