Calling all Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs)

Congratulations.  You’ve seen the future and made the move.  The cloud is no longer a paradigm shift that threatens your business; it’s the backbone for growing your business.

For Cloud Solutions Provider’s looking to elevate the digital transformation conversation with their clients and drive profitable and recurring revenue, Jepeddo provides digital service agents and portal templates.

Fuelling Office 365 and Cloud Consumption

Chances are you and your clients have had a good run with the move to the cloud.  Your clients are happy.  Many have signed up for Office 365 E3.  You’ve moved your clients to Exchange Online and many are now serving Office updates via Office Pro Plus. Perhaps you’ve moved a few internal servers to Azure and you’re running a Skype for Business pilot.

What’s next?


Enterprise Portals and SharePoint Online

For starters, many clients have unused value in SharePoint Online licenses, included with Office 365 E3.  It’s not the fact that clients don’t intend to leverage the power of SharePoint Online but the move from on-prem SharePoint to SharePoint Online can be a daunting challenge.

Our unique Enterprise Portal strategy, with The Lobby and The Lounge, will help you to expedite the value of that E3 asset. You no longer have to be a SharePoint development guru to help your clients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Azure

Jeeo is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Services from within the Microsoft Cloud.  While Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a good first step, progressive Cloud Service Providers will look to powerful services such as Jeeo to deliver new value to their clients from within the Microsoft Cloud.

Data Visualization and Power BI

We live in a “show me” world.  Once clients get a taste of data visualization and the power of Power BI, they’ll thank you and ask for more.  Jeeo comes with a real-time Power BI dashboard, demonstrating the art-of-the-possible with your clients and your clients’ clients!

Direct Tec Inc.

Direct Tec Inc. is an established, growing Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.  For small and medium sized organizations that are planning to improve performance through digital transformation, Direct Tec Inc. provides full-service IT consulting and support.

“Since aligning with Jepeddo, we’ve had the opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation conversation with our clients.  We’re delivering measurable value and excited to be building a profitable, recurring source of revenue.”

Stacy Adams

CEO, Direct Tec Inc.


Powell Software

Based in France and the United States, Powell Software drives digital transformation by offering Powell 365, an integrated digital workplace solution that transforms the user experience and boosts communication, collaboration and business productivity.

Powell 365 natively integrates chatbot technology and we look forward to working with an innovative player like Jepeddo to seamlessly integrate their technology into Powell 365.  Powell 365 and Jepeddo are truly complementary and can benefit from each other’s expertise.”

Antoine Faisandier, CEO, Powell Software USA