The Lounge™

A modern Staff Portal experience

Imagine a comfortable place where your staff feel connected, stay informed, and can efficiently and effectively get work done.  That's the design goal behind our Staff Portal template.  We've leverage the SharePoint Modern Experience to configured an Intranet template that serves the most common staff requests: what's new, what's happening, who's who, how do I get things done.

We call our Staff Portal (or Intranet) template The Lounge™. You can call your Staff Portal whatever inspires you!

More than Announcements

For any Staff Portal to be successful, the basics must be done well.  Yes, a staff member should easily be able to find out what’s new. Recent announcements?  That’s a given.  Here is a list of the basics that will make your Staff Portal a success:


  • Recent Announcements
  • Upcoming Training and Events
  • Staff Directory
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Popular Links
  • Social Feed(s)

Top 50 Staff Intents

Jeeo powers The Lounge, ready to serve your staff a white glove experience.  Based on years of Intranet experience, we’ll deliver a pre-populated Staff Portal knowledge base with the Top 50 ‘intents’ for corporate services requests.  For example:

  • Where is the staff directory?
  • How do I look up our benefits package?
  • How do I submit an expense claim?
  • I lost my building access card.
  • I need new business cards.

For each unique ‘intent’, we’ll also start you off with the most common phrases that correlate to the same ‘intent’.  For example:

  • I lost my access card?
  • How do I get into our building after hours?
  • I’m locked out!

Detail your Intranet

Struggling with an old and tired Intranet? Your staff can’t ever seem to find what they’re looking for?  You’ve still got life left in that current content!  Add The Lounge staff portal to give your Intranet a fresh look.  Give your Intranet a boost and, powered by Jeeo, make it very easy for your staff to find what they’re looking for.