The Lobby™

A Client Portal template

Imagine an active hub where your clients can go to get connected, stay informed, and request additional services of your organization. That’s the design principle behind our Client Portal template.

The Lobby™ is what we call our template. You can call your Client Portal whatever makes sense to your team.

More Than Announcements

Most clients or customers want the same thing.  In a complex world with exploding digital content, give me one and only one place where I need to log in to conduct business with you.  I’m tired of email, voicemail, and status spreadsheets that are out of date.  I have neither the time nor the energy to learn a new interface so it must be easy to use.  I have no appetite to pay extra for this service; just the opposite.  I expect this service to drive down my costs because I’m saving both of us money.

Here is a list of content that The Lobby to your organization may serve:

  • Recent Announcements
  • Upcoming Training and Events
  • Service Team Directory
  • Project Status
  • Service Ticket Status
  • Order Status
  • KPI Dashboard

Powered by Jeeo

From his desk within The Lobby, Jeeo serves both Staff and Clients.  Internal business Staff can spin up a new Client Site with the help of Jeeo. No unnecessary calls to IT, no delays in service to new Clients.

Let’s say that you’re a new Client being served by a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).  You may have some common service requests that Jeeo can be trained to assist with:


  • How do I reset my password?
  • Where do I go to order a PC?
  • I have a computer virus.  What do I do?
  • How do I submit a help desk ticket?
  • Do you offer Office 365 training?